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Tips and benchmarks to help you reach email subscribers more effectively.

Housekeeping items for the 2013 holiday season

Posted on Jun 25 2013 by

Promoting Pinterest through email campaigns

Posted on Jun 24 2013 by

Email marketers looking to go cross-channel: Start by listening

Posted on Jun 20 2013 by

Emails with offers drive Back to School purchases

Posted on Jun 14 2013 by
Experian Marketing Services’ recent webinar uses data from the 2012 Back to School season to determine best practices for marketers looking to reach moms through Back to School email campaigns.


Delivering A+ campaigns this back-to-school season

Posted on Jun 07 2013 by
The Back-to-School season is hot time for retailers. Experian Marketing Services’ recent webinar covers how consumers behave during Back-to-School season and how marketers can effectively target and engage them during this lucrative period.


Prioritize email quality over quantity

Posted on May 02 2013 by
Here are two points marketers need to remember in order to ensure quality over quantity in email address collection.


Holiday insights for the early bird marketer

Posted on May 01 2013 by
Key opportunities for marketers to optimize mobile marketing to target eCoupon users during the upcoming holiday season.


A week in the life of today’s hyper-connected consumer

Posted on Apr 29 2013 by
Infographic breaking down the number of activities and types of devices used to email, visit websites, engage in social networking and watch video.


Making your mark with a newsletter

Posted on Apr 25 2013 by
A digital newsletter has tremendous potential for triggering the sharing of information around your dedicated consumer base.


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