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Tips and benchmarks to help you reach email subscribers more effectively.

Email and Web top marketers’ list of most effective channels,

Posted on Mar 20 2014 by
Reports show marketers consistently identify email and Web as the most effective channels, and many plan to use social media this year. Here are best practices to leverage email to promote social marketing efforts.


Make your emails ring with a “tap 2 call” button

Posted on Mar 17 2014 by
How making phone numbers in emails clickable can add to the customer experience and enhance your email reporting.


The grid, the bad and the ugly: Mastering responsive design

Posted on Mar 05 2014 by
This post gives an overview of how responsive design email templates can work to your advantage in the age of the on-the-go customer.


Top 5 tips for email remarketing

Posted on Feb 28 2014 by
Experian Marketing Services email expert, Liz Gould, provides top tips and best practices for integrating remarketing emails into your cross-channel program.


How sophisticated is your marketing program?

Posted on Feb 26 2014 by
Understanding where your brand lies along Experian’s Marketing Sophistication Curve is key to building a tangible and actionable road map for cross-channel marketing success.


Gmail unsubscribe tool: Good news for customers and email marketers

Posted on Feb 26 2014 by
How Gmail’s new unsubscribe tool can benefit both customers and email marketers.


Email marketing wins the gold [Infographic]

Posted on Feb 07 2014 by

The Relevancy Group recognizes top email service providers

Posted on Jan 28 2014 by
Experian Marketing Services is named a “Ring Leader” among enterprise email marketing services providers in the report and cited as a top ESP vendor in creative and strategic services, security features, dependability, account servicing, integration and deliverability.


Canada Anti-Spam Law questions answered

Posted on Jan 23 2014 by
Compliance expert, Alex Krylov, answers the most frequently asked questions about the new Canada Anti-Spam Law, which will come into full force this summer.


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