Cyber Monday Forecast 2009

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Candy Consumption of Kids and Households with Kids

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Trick-or-Treat With Halloween lurking around the corner, candy sales will surely rise. But before you purchase this year’s trick-or-treat supply, first read the report Experian Simmons put together regarding the candy consumption of American adults and children. The report will help you choose the candy to stock up on by identifying the brands kids like […]

Southwest Airlines’ Updated Email Program is a Winner

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I have been a fan of Southwest Airlines for years. They seem to truly want to please their customers and are always making changes to the way they work to make processes better. Some recent changes that they have made for the better include assigning a boarding range instead of everyone in the boarding group […]

Adding Value Wherever You Can

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How Teenage Girls Spend Their Money

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How Teenage Girls Spend Their Money It’s football season and that means that millions of American teens, especially girls, will be daydreaming—and fretting—about putting together the perfect homecoming look. Experian Simmons examines the purchase behaviors of high school age girls and finds that 15 and 16 year-olds are the most likely to spend their allowance […]

Common Traits of the Fantasy Football Fanatic

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An Email Marketers perspective on promoting Twitter

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Shopping Preferences and Purchase Behaviors of NHL Fans

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Definition of an NHL and Non-NHL fan The behaviors and preferences of National Hockey League (NHL) and non-NHL fans are compared in this report. Below are the definitions of each consumer type: NHL fans are 18+ adults who are either “very”, “somewhat”, or “a little bit” interested in NHL Non-NHL fans are 18+ adults who […]

Whats on tap for email this holiday season

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Crate Barrel Takes Ratings Reviews Further

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