Email reaches coveted demographics

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The expression “coveted demographic” used to refer to a particular audience segment that most advertisers wish to target. But what about email?

Email Little Wonders Can lead to Big Success

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Pointcounterpoint to capture or not to capture 2

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Pointcounterpoint to capture or not to capture

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New Email Append Best Practices

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In the April 22nd issue of Clickz, Stephen Pollard urged marketers to follow established best practices and to reevaluate their ongoing strategy for addresses acquired via email append programs. I agree with many of Pollard’s comments about eAppend. Inherently, eAppend carries more risk than organic email capture methods, such as at point of sale or […]

The Importance of Low Hanging Fruit

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Blind Item How Many Marketers utilize preference centers

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Url Shortening holds promise pitfalls

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Baseball fans in America

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Social Commerce Takes Flight

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