How The Latest Hotmail Features Will Impact Deliverability

Posted on Aug 05 2010 by

Microsoft has recently announced enhancements to its Windows Live Hotmail, including features that “help busy people with full lives.” The CheetahMail deliverability team has reviewed these new features and offers these thoughts on their potential impact on senders. Some of the new features that should have a positive impact on email deliverability include: Trusted Senders […]

Back-to-School Gives Moms Opportunity to Indulge

Posted on Aug 03 2010 by

Retailers are in the thick of the back-to-school season and trying to make the best of a stubbornly sluggish economy. As such, Experian Simmons is devoting this post to analyzing the seasonal trends in American moms’ tendency to indulge their kids. Since the onset of the recession, the propensity of moms to indulge their children […]

Make a great first impression

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Best Practices for Cross-Promoting Sister Brands

Posted on Jul 29 2010 by

As marketers increasingly create niche brands or become consolidated within ‘parent’ companies, it may seem like the ideal opportunity to cross-promote products and services across ‘sister’ brands to reach prospective customers, expand subscriber lists and increase revenue. Unfortunately, sharing subscriber data across brands has the potential to negatively impact reputation, which can adversely influence inbox […]

Gift Reminders Increase Email List Sizes

Posted on Jul 28 2010 by

Like many seasonal or anniversary oriented retailers, FTD has a Gift Reminder program, which they do a great job of promoting. (Side note: The name “FTD” originally stood for “Florists’ Telegraph Delivery” when the company was founded in 1910. Then, in 1914, the name was updated to “Florists’ Transworld Delivery.” Who knew?) I recently purchased […]

Top Earners Doubt Their Financial Security

Posted on Jul 27 2010 by

News of Americans’ declining faith in the economic recovery has been widespread in the recent weeks, with unemployment concerns and dwindling stock returns contributing to an increasingly pessimistic sentiment. In fact, the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® fell to 52.9 in June 2010 from 62.7 in May 2010. Even high earners, those with personal annual […]

Lifecycle campaigns we can learn from

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2010 Economic Outlook Report

Posted on Jul 15 2010 by

Recovery from the Great Recession has continued to prove a challenge to marketers and understanding the various ways that consumers have been personally affected by the economic downturn is key to making the best of tough times. Experian Simmons helps marketers move forward with the development of the new Economic Outlook consumer segmentation system that […]

Credit Card Holders Optimistic About Financial Future

Posted on Jul 13 2010 by

In the June 22, 2010 Simmons DataStream post, we illustrated a consumer trend indicating that Americans are increasingly paying off credit card debt in full each month. This time around, we are taking a look at the percent of credit card holders who pay off their credit card balance in full according to their level […]

Cross Brand Marketing Can Be Tricky

Posted on Jul 07 2010 by

p>If I am a customer of a particular brand, it’s no secret that their sister brands might also try to market to me. This happens all the time in postal mail advertising (think of all the seemingly random catalogs you receive during the holidays), but is a bit trickier in the email marketing realm. I […]