Multi brand families stay close knit

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The Tangled Web of Email Segmentation Pt 3

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Diaperscom Double the Help Double the Fun

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Sometimes, Rules Were Meant to Be Broken

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Less than 4 days after our Creative Director, Steve Sharp, explained how to design emails to be width-compliant on this very site, something very strange began happening to my email inbox. Every so often I would open my new messages, just minding my own business, when the strangest, most eerie feeling would come over me. […]

Let data drive your email design

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Gas Pump Prices and Cost Sensitivity

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According to a survey fielded by AAA, 37.1 million Americans will be traveling over the July 4th holiday weekend. According to AAA if this prediction proves true, it will represent a 1.9% decrease from the same week in 2008. As we’ve done in the past, I’ll update our charts on actual gas prices and corresponding […]

Sometimes its the little things that count

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