Measuring Your Marketing Eco-System

Posted on Feb 03 2011 by

Removing one component of your marketing can have disastrous consequences for other parts of your business. It is time that we start thinking about the entirety of the brand and not silo any channel without the appropriate intelligence.

Cheeseheads vs. Terrible Towels – What Makes Packers & Steelers Fans Tick?

Posted on Feb 02 2011 by

An enlightening glimpse into the lifestyles of Packers and Steelers’ supporters living in Green Bay and Pittsburgh, and surrounding communities, creates exciting targeting opportunities for marketers. Using Mosaic segments from Experian to dissect these two markets, marketers can identify the “Small-town Contentment” of Green Bay – these are middle-aged, upper-middle-class families living in small towns and surrounding satellite cities, versus the “Blue-collar Backbone” of Pittsburgh – these are budget-conscious, young and old blue-collar households living in older towns.

Digital Consumer Optimism: Online Buyers and the Economic Outlook

Posted on Feb 02 2011 by

The economy is up – the economy is down, which one is it?  Indicators on consumers’ expectations and spending confirm our economic uncertainty as we head into 2011.  Consumer spending, which accounts for roughly 70% of what our economy produces, looked strong for the fourth quarter of 2010.  A CNN/Money poll of 27 leading economists […]

New University Recruitment Tactics

Posted on Jan 31 2011 by

Traditional university recruiting tactics are just not cutting it. The real challenge is to provide relevant content while encouraging prospective students to submit their contact details. The following list highlights new recruitment tactics that university marketers can use to attract the right candidates for their institution.

Americans Spend 2 Hours, 12 Minutes Per Month on

Posted on Jan 25 2011 by

Americans are still spending more time on than ever before. According to Experian Simmons estimates, Americans spent an estimated 2 hours and 12 minutes tweeting and reading tweets on in November 2010.

Striking a Balance: A Thought on Data Quality Management

Posted on Jan 24 2011 by

American businesses lose six hundred billion dollars annually as a result of poor data quality. We must all realize there is no such thing as a perfect, “spot-less” database — data quality is a balance between accuracy and completeness.

Models Have a Shelf Life

Posted on Jan 19 2011 by

Marketers sometimes forget that analytical models have a shelf life. Generally, marketing teams build and deploy models as needs arise. But as internal and external influencing factors change, the effectiveness of a model changes — and it may no longer drive the results that were initially intended. So if model effectiveness changes, what can be […]

Re-embracing the Idea of Differential Marketing

Posted on Jan 17 2011 by

Implementing a differential marketing strategy is ideal in settings where there is a relatively large assortment of product categories with regular and frequent transaction volume. Where does the concept of differential marketing fit into your customer retention strategy?

Catalogs, catalogs and more catalogs

Posted on Jan 13 2011 by

Two years ago, I moved into an apartment building in the Boston area. I filed my change of address with the post office and changed my address with all necessary parties. I thought my mail was all set, but I kept receiving pieces in the mail that did not belong to me or my husband. […]

One-Third of Verizon Customers Prime Targets for iPhone

Posted on Jan 11 2011 by

Verizon iPhone rumors are about as old as the iPhone itself, but those rumors have finally been put to rest to the delight of countless Verizon customers. The carrier announced on Tuesday that it would be adding the smartphone of smartphones to its roster. The announcement ends four years of AT&T exclusivity with the iPhone and gives Apple access to Verizon’s estimated 93 million customers. Data from Experian Simmons supports Apple’s decision to partner with Verizon.