Models Have a Shelf Life

Posted on Jan 19 2011 by

Marketers sometimes forget that analytical models have a shelf life. Generally, marketing teams build and deploy models as needs arise. But as internal and external influencing factors change, the effectiveness of a model changes — and it may no longer drive the results that were initially intended. So if model effectiveness changes, what can be […]

Re-embracing the Idea of Differential Marketing

Posted on Jan 17 2011 by

Implementing a differential marketing strategy is ideal in settings where there is a relatively large assortment of product categories with regular and frequent transaction volume. Where does the concept of differential marketing fit into your customer retention strategy?

Catalogs, catalogs and more catalogs

Posted on Jan 13 2011 by

Two years ago, I moved into an apartment building in the Boston area. I filed my change of address with the post office and changed my address with all necessary parties. I thought my mail was all set, but I kept receiving pieces in the mail that did not belong to me or my husband. […]

One-Third of Verizon Customers Prime Targets for iPhone

Posted on Jan 11 2011 by

Verizon iPhone rumors are about as old as the iPhone itself, but those rumors have finally been put to rest to the delight of countless Verizon customers. The carrier announced on Tuesday that it would be adding the smartphone of smartphones to its roster. The announcement ends four years of AT&T exclusivity with the iPhone and gives Apple access to Verizon’s estimated 93 million customers. Data from Experian Simmons supports Apple’s decision to partner with Verizon.

Address Verification and Fraud Prevention

Posted on Jan 11 2011 by

Fraud prevention has been has been an industry concern for awhile now. Typically, internet retailers have put certain software in place to reduce fraud. However many are now looking towards address verification to help solve the problem.

Cures For the Common Code: Troubleshooting Your Email Marketing Code Issues

Posted on Jan 05 2011 by

Even though coding for email marketing is, in many ways, easier than that of a website, mistakes are very common. Fortunately, these mistakes are easy to troubleshoot, and most are even easier to fix. This handy reference helps HTML coders quickly establish the cause of an error and outlines guidelines for proper email coding.

The Top Drinking Cities in the U.S.

Posted on Dec 29 2010 by

As we ring in the New Year this week, Americans will be tossing back a few adult beverages in celebration. While alcohol consumption certainly increases around holidays and other times of celebration, many Americans imbibe year-round. So where across this great land of ours are you most likely to find adults willing and able to […]

This Holiday Season, Your Greeting Cards May Not Come By Mail… Or Even Email

Posted on Dec 22 2010 by

Americans are less likely today to send out traditional greeting cards in the than they were two years ago. We should not assume that the spirit of the holidays has lost its intensity, however. New means of communication might have replaced the old ones.

Credit Card Owners Paying Down Balances, Using Cards Less

Posted on Dec 15 2010 by

Over the past three years, credit card owners have been increasingly likely to pay their credit card balance in full each month. On average in 2010, 42% of credit card-holders typically pay their monthly balance in full, up from an average of 37% of card-owners who paid their full balance in 2008.

Gift-Card Purchases Peak During Holiday Rush

Posted on Dec 08 2010 by

Recent data from Experian Simmons shows that holiday shopping procrastination tends to result in the purchase of last-minute gift cards.