The More Things Change, The More They… Change

Posted on Mar 23 2011 by

When people ask if Facebook will continue to dominate social networking, or if Groupon is worth $6 billion dollars, I’m not quick to answer. The more you study observed Internet behavior, the more you realize how quickly things can shuffle.

Catching Office Online NCAA Tournament Streamers in the Act

Posted on Mar 17 2011 by

According to Experian Simmons, just over 5% of all U.S. adults and nearly a quarter of adult NCAA men’s tournament viewers (24%) qualify as likely online game streamers. How do you know which ones they are?

How Word Of Mouth, the Internet and Online Consumer Reviews Influence Purchase Decisions

Posted on Mar 16 2011 by

While WOM sites like continue to grow, their participants continue to be a very distinct subset of U.S. Internet users.

Bracket Science Meets Marketing Segmentation

Posted on Mar 16 2011 by

For all of the marketers out there, I’d like to propose a creative alternative: let’s see what happens if we fill out our tournament brackets based on the concentration of the top basketball-crazy segments found in a college team’s home market.

How NCAA Men’s Tournament Viewers Differ from Women’s Tournament Viewers

Posted on Mar 14 2011 by

The audiences for the men’s and women’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments are decidedly different from one another. How do they stack up head-to-head?

Gauging the Interest Level of NCAA Tournament Host Cities

Posted on Mar 14 2011 by

Landing a spot hosting the NCAA basketball tournament gig is no small feat. Which city has their heart in the tournament the most and which may be just in it for the attention? You may be surprised.

Banking on Email: One of the Oldest Internet Marketing Channels Continues to Grow

Posted on Mar 09 2011 by

At the writing of this post, traffic to email services accounted for over 6.5% of all Internet traffic. What this translates to: if you’re not focusing on email, you’re leaving a lot of traffic on the table.

Horizontal Emails on the Horizon

Posted on Mar 04 2011 by

One of the keys to rising above the crowd in email creative is innovation. If an email contains a clear message and a unique design, its chances at being effective increase considerably. One such innovation, developed by the Experian CheetahMail Creative Services Team, is the horizontal email, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive and […]

Froot Loops vs. Omaha Steaks: Brand, Loyalty, Age and the Inelasticity of Demand

Posted on Mar 02 2011 by

Based on our analysis of Experian Simmons consumer data, there is a strong positive correlation between our age and our loyalty to specific brands. The take-away for marketers – for those of us that have strong brands, especially those that have brands that appeal to older consumers, we may be able to back away from steep discounting and still maintain our customer base. Conversely, brands appealing to younger consumers should proceed with caution when attempting to raise prices.

How Subject Lines Affect Deliverability

Posted on Feb 25 2011 by

One of the most important issues for email marketers is making sure the message makes it to the “inbox” of the intended recipient. An often overlooked key aspect of mailing delivery — in addition to IP reputation — is the actual subject line of the email. Not only does the subject line play an important role […]