Procrastinators gobble up Thanksgiving recipes

Posted on Nov 22 2011 by

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and aspiring chefs are hungrily searching online for holiday recipes. Searches for Thanksgiving and turkey recipes traditionally peak the week of Thanksgiving, indicating that recipe searchers procrastinate and wait until the last minute before planning their feast.

Black Friday anticipation builds

Posted on Nov 18 2011 by

Black Friday is almost upon us and the outlook is looking good for a positive start to the holiday season. The NRF predicts that 152 million people will shop over Black Friday weekend, up 10% from last year – a conservative estimate based up…

More holiday email marketing cheer: tips to apply today

Posted on Nov 18 2011 by

As “Peak Week” approaches and retailers gear up for their most critical holiday shopping period – which Experian Marketing Services has identified as the Tuesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday – smart marketers are refining their email strategies in real time.

Creating a contact data quality strategy that works

Posted on Nov 11 2011 by

Managing contact data quality is challenging. There are many different users who can access CRM systems and many different mediums through which information is being transported.

Are your email subscribers making holiday purchases yet?

Posted on Nov 10 2011 by

Experian Cheetahmail found as of this past weekend (November 5-6), open rates are higher than last holiday season, but clicks and transaction rates remain low. If you are anxious to ring those holiday conversions, read our blog post.

Don’t leave “Peak Week” money on the table

Posted on Nov 07 2011 by

For the first seven years of studying online holiday shopping behavior, Experian Hitwise has been accurate in predicting the peak day for online traffic to retail sites. Here’s a look at what we’ve seen historically and what we’re predicting this year.


Posted on Nov 05 2011 by

Make your holiday direct mail results brighter

Posted on Nov 04 2011 by

The holidays are the perfect time to be more aggressive in your customer prospecting and reactivation direct mail activities. Simple strategies can go a long way to making your holiday direct mail results brighter. Find out more in Mike Yapuncich’s post.

Are you a good brand or a great brand?

Posted on Nov 01 2011 by

Today’s consumers are empowered more than ever. With the proliferation of new channels, the intersection of offline and online media and the convergence of data, social and multi-media technologies, consumers have nearly limitless options to interact with brands. Those consumers, in turn, can share their brand experience with 500 friends in 5 minutes.

Personalization: trick or treat?

Posted on Oct 31 2011 by

The increasing amount and integration of personal data enables both fiendishly clever personalization and ghoulishly undesirable loss of privacy. Personalization is the behavior of a service changing based on personal information. Here are three rules for “good behaviors” that will banish those eerie feelings of being followed.