Will it be Lobster or Crab?

Posted on Jan 17 2012 by

AFC Championship Provides Opportunity to Compare New England vs. Baltimore It’s a matchup of contrasting styles – Tom Brady and the machine-like offense of the New England Patriots versus Ray Lewis and the virtually impenetrable defense of the Baltimore Ravens. These teams have been built and equipped to compete with vastly different strengths and skill […]

Pinteresting Trend in Social Media

Posted on Jan 17 2012 by

The social media space continues to evolve. Pinterest, a site launched in March 2010 that describes itself as an online pinboard to organize and share things you love, recently emerged as one of the top 10 websites within the Hitwise Social Networking & Forums category. The invitation only site received nearly 11 million total visits […]

Embracing Marketing Innovation in 2012

Posted on Jan 12 2012 by

Each year, new technologies emerge, the media landscape evolves and consumers expect more from the products they buy and the media they consume. So marketers must innovate continuously by actively exploring, experimenting, evaluating and optimizing. My colleagues and I recently created the Experian Marketing Innovation Report 2012 to help address some of the key issues […]

Multifaceted Messaging Required for Reaching Multigenerational Households

Posted on Jan 11 2012 by

Analysis of data from the 2010 census shows a significant increase in the proportion of households containing members from two or more adult generations. Baby boomer householders are particularly prone to multigenerational family living situations as they find themselves dealing with the demands of housing both an adult age child and a senior age parent at the same time. Experian’s Mosaic USA helps marketers to identify areas of the country most likely to have multigenerational families.

2011 Holiday Season Email Snapshot

Posted on Jan 05 2012 by

Analysts at Experian CheetahMail took a snapshot of the season to put the very busy (yet very rewarding) term into perspective, comparing it to the 2010 holidays.

Connecting with customers in 2012: Picking the right platforms

Posted on Jan 04 2012 by

In 2012 the core mission of marketing remains the same as last year: to Connect with Customers. But much continues to shift. Media consumption is fragmented, so marketers must chase consumers across multiple channels utilizing campaigns that can be difficult to integrate.

Happy New Year – Now let’s revisit 2011…

Posted on Jan 03 2012 by

We are asking marketers – specifically retailers – to take a look back at the Holiday selling season because there are a few steps to take in order to finish out strong and THEN start the new year off right.

Hotmail gets tough on Graymail

Posted on Dec 22 2011 by

Hotmail has recently been in the news for improving their users’ Inbox experience, enhancing tools and improving their filters. More specifically, Hotmail is trying to combat “Graymail”  or all of the newsletters, offers, social network website emails, and other email communications many sign up for and are no longer relevant to you but keep getting […]

More emails are sent in the morning, yet more consumers respond in the afternoon

Posted on Dec 20 2011 by

Similar to the 2010 holiday season, 78% of holiday email campaigns are being sent between midnight and noon (compared to 77% in 2010).  Is this the best time to send?

Luxury Brand Report Studies New Online Trends

Posted on Dec 15 2011 by

Despite ongoing volatility in the stock market and global economies, consumers are once again paying for luxury items, even as some brands raise prices. Some 2011 forecasts indicate that global sales of luxury goods will grow 8% or more this year.