Super PACs: Colbert Drives Interest in Political Process

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“The positive impact of “The Colbert Bump” has been bestowed upon the political process this election cycle. In launching “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” (May/June 2011), the 501(c)(4) organization “The Colbert Super PAC S.H.H.”(September 2011) and his exploratory committee to become “The President of the United States of South Carolina” (January 2012), Stephen Colbert has created an outstanding growth in online interest in PACs. Search traffic for variations of “Super PAC” directly correlates with major milestones in Mr. Colbert’s efforts.

The top ten most searched for political terms

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The top search terms driving traffic to the Lifestyle – Politics category within Experian Hitwise for the four weeks ending February 11, 2012. We captured 21,409 unique search terms.

Where the “Hart” is

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What would a Hart surname say about you? Using Experian’s Mosaic® USA Consumer Lifestyle Segmentation solution, we constructed a hypothetical Hart family tree.

“The Forgotten Man” Drives Online Art Frenzy

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Art doesn’t often create a stir online, but artist Jon McNaughton’s controversial piece “The Forgotten Man” has done just that. The Rachel Maddow Show used the painting, which depicts President Obama standing on the United States’ Constitution, for a caption contest on the program’s blog. This contest reignited interest in “The Forgotten Man” specifically and McNaughton’s work in general, and caused a spike in visits to McNaughton’s site.

Jason Wu Collection Drives Visitors to

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Following mysterious tweets from @TargetStyle in early October, Target announced a partnership with fashion designer Jason Wu who became well-known after designing the 2009 Inaugural Ball gown for First Lady Michelle Obama. The official look book for was released online on January 10th in anticipation of the in-store and online launch which took place on Sunday, February 5th. Weekly searches for variations of “Jason Wu” shows consumers seeking out information related to the designer corresponding with these key dates.

Enhancing Email Marketing with Display Advertising

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Nowadays most consumers have more than one email address – one for personal email and another for promotions, coupons, and newsletters. If your emails land in the latter address, which receives at most a cursory glance from the consumer, how are you going to reach your campaign goal? Display Advertising! Solutions such as Experian’s Audience […]

Acquire mobile subscribers with SMS love

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us – and what better time to communicate with those customers you so adore. Actively promoting SMS initiatives through traditional media touch points, and incentivizing users to join can drastically increase the potential for subscriber acquisition.

10 Key Statistics about Facebook

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As Facebook Inc. filed for its initial-public-offering last week, now is the perfect time to examine the website’s performance online and how its audience compares with that of other social networks. Given the expected $75 billion to $100 billion initial valuation, we’re all already aware of the magnitude of the business – below we reveal how much of a behemoth the website itself is in the US and other markets.

A mobile nation: Over 9-in-10 adults, 3-in-4 teens and 1-in-4 kids own a cell phone

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Fully 232 million Americans ages six and older count themselves among the ranks of mobile Americans today, up from 178,000 in 2007. According to Experian Simmons, cell phone ownership among adults in this country currently stands at 92%, up from 73% in 2007.

Super Bowl Game Time, Recipes, and Celebrity Bets Searches Rise as Giants-Pats Showdown Approaches

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The Super Bowl 46 showdown between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots is less than a week away and consumers are going online to seek out game day details, catch up on Super Bowl-related current events, plan parties and find merchandise. An analysis of the top 25 search terms containing “Superbowl” or […]