Which Brands are a Slam Dunk for Targeting NCAA Basketball Tournament Viewers?

Posted on Mar 28 2012 by

Viewers of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament on CBS and Turner Broadcasting as well as women’s tournament viewers on ESPN can expect a barrage of television commercials as the field is whittled down to the Final Four. On the men’s side, commercial air time is carefully orchestrated.

Direct mail vs. Email

Posted on Mar 27 2012 by

According to Epsilon Targeting’s latest Consumer Channel Preference Study of 5,000 consumers in North America, 60% of consumers report an “emotional boost” from receiving direct mail, agreeing that they enjoying checking their mailbox. This report showed that across all categories, direct mail continues to be a trusted source of information. It’s always good to reach […]

Best Practices For Point of Sale Email Collection

Posted on Mar 26 2012 by

As clients, mainly retail, try to grow and expand their email lists, many have turned to Point of Sale (a.k.a. POS) email collection. POS collection has become an industry norm with the ability to bring tremendous growth. One Experian CheetahMail client, for instance, gained 220,990 customers from POS in 2011, 35% of which are active within the email program (open, click, and/or transact).

Auto-Motives: What “drives” American attitudes towards cars?

Posted on Mar 26 2012 by

Experian Simmons created the Simmons Auto-MotivesSM consumer segmentation system, which places U.S. adults into one of five mutually exclusive segments based on their attitudes towards automobiles and driving.

All the Single Ladies: Unmarried women comprise an increasing share of the population

Posted on Mar 23 2012 by

Women already account for a majority of the total U.S. population, and in recent years, Experian Simmons found that the share of adult women in this country who are not married rose to nearly half. In 2011, 48% of adult women were not married, up from 45% in 2005.

More Fast Facts: What Makes Viewers of Men’s and Women’s NCAA Tourney Different?

Posted on Mar 22 2012 by

In yesterday’s blog post, we discussed some attributes and habits of men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournament views. We noted that men are 2.5 times more likely than women to say they watch the men’s tourney and are also more likely than women to watch the women’s tourney. Here are some more interesting facts…

Three key points to consider for an effective response attribution strategy

Posted on Mar 21 2012 by

Three key points to consider for an effective response attribution strategy: Measure the ecosystem, execute holdout tests and don’t listen to the pundits.

Fast Facts About Viewers of the Men’s and Women’s NCAA B’ball Tournaments

Posted on Mar 21 2012 by

March Madness is in peak form as the Sweet Sixteen for both the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments has taken shape. We have developed some interesting insights around viewers’ behavior and attributes that we’ll share in two blog posts.

Boost business with email validation and verification tools

Posted on Mar 20 2012 by

Companies now routinely use digital media to engage with customers, clients and partners, with emails in particular firmly established as a popular means of communication. But simply sending emails is not always enough – businesses have to be sure they are targeting their desired audience effectively. If companies send out mass emails, it is probable […]

Who Streams March Madness Online? A Pocket Guide

Posted on Mar 19 2012 by

March Madness fans are in a quandary over which games to watch and how to watch them. Even worse, many of the games take place during traditional working hours, presenting fans with a strong temptation to stream games live from their desk—with or without approval from their manager or IT department. But what’s a die-hard fan to do?