Springtime in America? The greening of environmental attitudes

Posted on Apr 17 2012 by

On April 22nd, Americans and many of their terrestrial counterparts in countries around the world will celebrate Earth Day, a tradition that was started in the United States by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. Much has changed on the planet since the first Earth Day, and even in recent years attitudes continue to evolve […]

2012 Digital Marketer: Meet the New American Consumer

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Our recently released 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report has been generating strong interest with both marketers and members of the media. We’ve had some cool coverage on sites like CNN.com, Mashable and The Huffington Post. We hope you’ll join our webinar this Thursday at 1:00 p.m. EST to hear what every digital marketer […]

Tax Towns: You might do your taxes online if you live here

Posted on Apr 11 2012 by

Where you call home may have an impact on how you prepare your taxes, and not just because of the state tax code. Differences abound in the preferred method of preparing our taxes as we travel from one area of the country to another. In this post, we’ll call out the Designated Market Areas, or DMAs, that are the most likely to have prepare their taxes using several common methods.

Email spring cleaning

Posted on Apr 11 2012 by

Email spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to a consumer’s inbox; it’s also a great opportunity for marketers to clean up their email files.

Talking Taxes: Exploring trends in tax preparation and deductions

Posted on Apr 10 2012 by

Long gone are the days of preparing our taxes the old-fashioned way using pen and paper (and hopefully a calculator). Last year, just 8.7% of U.S. tax filers prepared their taxes manually, down from 16.4% of filers who prepared their taxes this way in 2006. Software (including both online and offline versions, such as Turbo Tax or H&R Block At Home) have risen to replace their graphite-powered ancestors. In 2005, 21.5% of tax filers said they used software to prepare their taxes. Specifically, 6.8% used offline software and another 14.7% used online software.

Dramatic shifts in American life leads to new consumer segmentation trends

Posted on Apr 10 2012 by

Watch as Rick Erwin, President of the Data and Analytics Division of Experian Marketing Services, provides details about the Boomers and Boomerang consumer segment.

Facebook acquires photo-sharing network Instagram

Posted on Apr 10 2012 by

Yesterday, Facebook announced the acquisition of Instagram, a popular photo sharing network with over 30 million users, for $1 billion. Visits to the Instagram website have steadily increased over the past 24 weeks and reached 3.8 million last…

Now available: critical insights and trends every marketer needs to know.

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Download the 2012 Digital Marketer today if you’d like to see late-breaking trends and marketing insights on mobile, display, social, email, cross-channel linkage, consumer behaviors and lifestyle changes and so much more.

A Costly Swipe: Examining ‘Point of Sale’ Acquisitions from a Compliance Perspective

Posted on Apr 03 2012 by

By Alex Krylov and Strategic Services Last month while attending MAAWG: San Francisco I visited the city’s historic Grant Avenue shopping artery.  While making a purchase from one of the Avenue’s clothing retailers using my credit card, I was offered to have my receipt emailed to me.

Kentucky and Louisville Fans have “March Madness” Fever

Posted on Mar 30 2012 by

With March Madness well underway and the Final Four squaring off on Saturday for a spot in the National Championship game, searches around ‘March Madness’ reached a record high the week ending March 17th, up 16% over the same week last yea…