Young couples are a strong target for everything from travel to electronics

Posted on May 16 2012 by

The Fast Track Couples Mosaic® USA segment embodies one of four major demographic shifts and sociological trends that have come about due to dramatic changes in American life over the last five years.

Data quality: From the CEO to the call operator

Posted on May 15 2012 by

Data quality is, rightly, a very popular topic these days. Many companies are implementing enterprise data management solutions or formal master data management programs within the next two years. But to leverage these robust solutions, organizations first need to set up solid foundations in data quality. Poor data quality can impact an organization in many […]

The high cost of marketing silos – and the requirement for flawless execution

Posted on May 10 2012 by

Solutions exist today that enable marketers to identify a customer with a single piece of personally identifiable information (PII), such as an email address, and then match it to the person’s physical address, alternate emails, social, mobile and even cookie data. This cross-channel identity resolution helps marketers to better understand customer preferences, as well as gain a better understanding of the efficacy of their marketing budget.

Back-to-school marketing – timing is everything

Posted on May 09 2012 by

There are 55 million school kids out there and even more parents with wallets at the ready. We’ve been thinking about how to reach these plumb shoppers and will cover a variety of marketing strategies and tactics during a webinar on Tuesday, May 15 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Video: Target American voters by their favorite TV shows

Posted on May 08 2012 by

An Experian Simmons analysis of nearly 1,000 television programs reveals which shows have the highest concentrations of viewers from the left, right and middle of the political spectrum.

Engaging the Modern Consumer

Posted on May 05 2012 by

Experian Hitwise recently launched AudienceView which provides a timely solution that delivers a complete view into to the behaviors of your most valuable customers and prospects in order to drive better marketing decisions. Engaging today’s consumers requires brands to connect in a meaningful way to build a lasting customer relationship. AudienceView integrates the world’s largest […]

M-commerce: mobile phones are quickly becoming an indispensable shopping tool

Posted on May 01 2012 by

A majority of smartphone owners now access the Internet from their phone. If you’re like the 17% of cell phone owners today and 28% of smartphone owners, you also watch videos on your phone. This video highlights some of the mobile trends we’ve been spotting.

Multi-Channel Marketing Gets Personal

Posted on Apr 30 2012 by

As the marketer, you must contact your customers, engage them and end with a call to action (an RSVP in our case). Since you will hear back on multiple channels, you’d better be prepared to capture, integrate and aggregate the response from your customers across multiple channels. A marketer’s challenge is to do this for millions of customers. All marketers get anxious about a call from the “CMO,” but in my case, that means the Chief Mommy Officer.

Targeting and relevancy: equally important yet very different

Posted on Apr 27 2012 by

As marketers get better at targeting and engaging their customers, it’s important for them to remember that targeting and relevancy are not the same thing. With targeting, it’s easy enough to figure out that a certain group of people should be included in a certain campaign, but which item to promote should be tied to past purchase history.

Learn the ABC’s of Back-to-School Email Marketing

Posted on Apr 26 2012 by

Email marketers can get a jump on their campaign strategies and tactics by taking note of some key trends from 2011, including the smart use of subject lines.