The Latest Obsession

Posted on Feb 01 2012 by

Given our environment of hyper-innovation, it’s hard not to become myopic focusing on what’s next and how to plan for it. In our world of fast-paced change, some of the biggest gains can be had by understanding constants versus variables, and the most important constant is the customer.

A Super Bowl Grudge Match: Boston vs. New York

Posted on Jan 31 2012 by

Call this year’s Super Bowl between the Patriots and Giants a rematch or call it a grudge match. One thing we know for sure. When we match up the characteristics and behaviors of football fans and residents of Boston and New York, the two cities don’t share a lot in common. What they do share […]

Marketing Innovation Report 2012: Mobile Apps Gaining

Posted on Jan 31 2012 by

It took TV a couple of decades to reach 50M viewers, Facebook a couple of years to reach 700M, but only nine months for the apps marketplace to reach 1B downloads. As the fastest-adopted channel, mobile has to be on a marketer’s radar.

Address management and one-to-one marketing

Posted on Jan 31 2012 by

Marketers of the past used mass marketing to reach prospects, sending one message to everyone with no segmentation or targeting. Today, marketing practices have evolved to customized, one-to-one marketing, a more effective and personalized technique. The goal of one-to-one marketing is to target relevant offers to each consumer. While this high level of segmentation is […]

Fans From Rival Super Bowl Cities Have Conflicting Tastes

Posted on Jan 27 2012 by

  New England Patriots fans are getting pretty spoiled. This will be their team’s fifth Super Bowl since 2001. New York Giants fans are hoping that its déjà vu all over again. That’s because, the last time these two teams played in Super Bowl XLII, the Giants pulled off a big time upset. What’s not […]

Mitt Romney Winning the Facebook Race

Posted on Jan 27 2012 by

Despite the results of the Iowa caucus and South Carolina primary, if you look at Facebook, Mitt Romney is ahead by a huge margin. Total visits to the Facebook pages of the presidential candidates highlights the growth to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page over the past few weeks, visits have jumped 248% last week as compared to the week ending Dec, 24, 2011.

Three ways to optimize email for mobile consumers

Posted on Jan 25 2012 by

Fifty-two percent of consumers access email via their smartphones. Given that this number is growing rapidly, and that most consumers are no longer willing to tolerate emails that don’t display properly on mobile devices, designing your emails to be “smarter” for mobile can go a long way.

What’s new in 2012 for data quality?

Posted on Jan 25 2012 by

Over the past few years, data quality has become more important and many reports show that trend will continue. Organizations use to focus on collecting an accurate mailing address in order to save costs and improve operational efficiencies around direct mail and catalog campaigns. Now, we see businesses validating a host of different contact data […]

Brady Jersey Or Belichick Hoodie – Which One Does Your Customer Want?

Posted on Jan 24 2012 by

It is important to understand that targeting and relevancy are not the same thing. With targeting, it’s easy enough to know that a certain group of people – say (speaking of relevancy), New England Patriots fans should be included in a sports apparel campaign.

Campaign Management Means Different Things To Different Marketers in 2012

Posted on Jan 19 2012 by

A common way to view campaigns is a visual workflow that depicts the various stages, treatments or flights of messages in their relative order. More sophisticated tools enable for branching decisions whereby different audiences receive a different message based upon scoring, firmographic, behavioral response or other segmentation schemes.