Job sites see 18% growth online in July 2012

Posted on Aug 08 2012 by

Where is all the monthly online employment traffic coming from? California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and New York provided the largest volume of traffic to Job sites in July 2012. The states that recorded the biggest year-over-year growth to Jobs sites included Maine, New Mexico, West Virginia, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Winning counts in social Olympics

Posted on Aug 07 2012 by

Following an action packed Olympic weekend in which Team Great Britain increased their medal haul, we’ve looked at how Facebook is fuelling the UK’s excitement around the Games. Team Great Britain’s fan page has grown rapidly from less than 100,000 fans on the eve of the games to almost three quarters of a million fans […]

Finding Creditworthy Customers

Posted on Aug 07 2012 by

In today’s marketplace it is crucial for lenders to strategically target creditworthy consumer segments for lending opportunities. Using VantageScore segmentation and insights from AudienceView, we can look at the online behaviors of those with the highest credit worthiness and very low risk (VantageScore A) and how they compare against the online population.

Marketers, meet Dana – she’s your best customer

Posted on Aug 06 2012 by

Dana’s not just a data-point, she’s an individual who wants to be treated special by having us respect her preferences and her interests.

Family Travelers Seek out Deals and Packages

Posted on Aug 06 2012 by

Catering to families is a smart strategy for many in the travel industry, and there’s growing evidence that even in these tough economic times the family vacation has become more important than ever—with families working hard to find more value for their travels, rather than sacrifice the idea of taking a vacation.

Olympic fandom, how the games are impacting Facebook fan engagement

Posted on Aug 03 2012 by

The Olympics is the most diverse of all sporting events with over 10,500 athletes competing in 301 events across 33 different sports. Some of these Olympians are giving big brands a run for their money when it comes to Facebook fan engagement. For instance Usain Bolt currently has 7 million fans, with this figure set […]

Traditional direct marketing needs a fresh face

Posted on Aug 02 2012 by

In today’s multi-channel shopping world online behavior can’t be overlooked. Marketers need to enhance their offline marketing efforts with online data to take advantage of incorporating online behavior into targeting efforts.

Lifestyles of Team USA fans vary by sport

Posted on Aug 01 2012 by

The Olympic teams’ site visitors tend to be men. The swimming site attracted the largest share of male visitors at 60%. Basketball and track & field close behind with 58% of visitors being male. Using Experian’s Mosaic USA lifestyle segmentation solution, we are able to better understand what the fans of each sport are all about.

Track ahead of the competition – who will make it to finish line?

Posted on Jul 31 2012 by

Whether you’re an athlete or a marketer, preparation and knowing your competition gives you an edge in the game. This got us thinking about what sports are winning the online medals in attracting fans to their respective websites. So, we analyzed the visitors to the top US sports official team sites –USA Track and Field (, USA Swimming (, and USA Basketball ( We found spikes in traffic and interest over the past few weeks as the Olympics momentum picked up speed.

2012 Digital Summit: Inside the mind of the customer obsessed

Posted on Jul 31 2012 by

One of the overarching themes of the Experian Digital Summit was that in order to be “customer obsessed” marketers need to look into the minds of consumers and understand their habits and behaviors.