Three ways ecommerce marketers can reduce shopping cart abandonment

Posted on May 20 2013 by

Ecommerce retailers need to find creative ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase revenue.

Health information exchanges prompt data quality efforts

Posted on May 16 2013 by

New health information exchanges are prompting data quality efforts, as state and local healthcare agencies look to electronically share patient data.

Top 7 trends for marketers to focus on this year

Posted on May 15 2013 by

From the myriad of data, benchmarks and trends in The 2013 Digital Marketer Report, these 7 areas have emerged as key points of focus for marketers throughout the year.

Cross-channel marketing platforms

Posted on May 14 2013 by

What are cross-channel marketing platforms and how marketers can benefit from them?

Early Adopter Millennials make great social advocates

Posted on May 10 2013 by

We wrapped up The Digital Marketer Webinar Series yesterday, as Heather Dougherty hosted Consumer insights for amping up your campaigns, the third and final installment. Dougherty covered cross-channel consumer behavior, including stats from this consumer insights infographic, and dove into targeting the Early Adopter Millennial segment, including how to connect with them via social media. […]

Does business intelligence work for you?

Posted on May 08 2013 by

Poor data quality can hurt business intelligence efforts putting marketers at a disadvantage when segmenting and messaging to clients.

Latinos over index in the hair styling product category: Brands make a difference

Posted on May 08 2013 by

Dr. Korzenny uses data from EMS’ Simmons National Hispanic Consumer Study to look at brand the use of hair styling products among Latinos.

Prioritize email quality over quantity

Posted on May 02 2013 by

Here are two points marketers need to remember in order to ensure quality over quantity in email address collection.

Holiday insights for the early bird marketer

Posted on May 01 2013 by

Key opportunities for marketers to optimize mobile marketing to target eCoupon users during the upcoming holiday season.

A week in the life of today’s hyper-connected consumer

Posted on Apr 29 2013 by

Infographic breaking down the number of activities and types of devices used to email, visit websites, engage in social networking and watch video.