Twelve Email Marketing Must Haves, Part I

Posted on Apr 22 2010 by

Email marketing is an ever evolving art. It morphs and changes from one hot topic — or “must have” — to the next. Below are twelve current hot topics in email marketing listed in no particular order. Any serious or casual email marketer should know what these are and should use as many as them […]

Email Mishaps and Remedies

Posted on Apr 15 2010 by

It is inevitable that sometime in an email marketer’s life, there will be a mistake in a live email deployment. This could come in the form of the wrong subject line, missing or broken images, mismatched offer codes, incorrect content, a down website just to name a few. How should mistakes be handled? Yes, sticking […]

Deliverability Experts Bid Adieu to the Bat-Phone

Posted on Apr 09 2010 by

For many years, the public impression of how email deliverability works has been shrouded in mystery. Most seem to assume that email service providers hire deliverability experts because they know some sort of ISP black magic — or even better, that they have a direct ‘Bat-Phone’ to call ISP postmasters whenever a problem arises. While […]

Unsubscribe Confirmations Can Be Legal, Effective

Posted on Apr 06 2010 by

I recently unsubscribed from Omaha Steaks email because I was subscribed with more than one email address and no longer wanted to receive duplicate messages. After unsubscribing via email, I was sent a real-time “We removed your email address” confirmation message. I had never received an email like this before (I am told other businesses […]

Suspend your Subscription

Posted on Apr 02 2010 by

An Easy Way to Build your Subscriber List

Posted on Apr 02 2010 by

Domain-Based Reputation Explained

Posted on Mar 30 2010 by

Here at Experian CheetahMail, we allocate multiple dedicated IP addresses to each of our clients. We do this primarily so that we can send email faster, especially during the holidays. A secondary benefit of this approach is that if an ISP blocks/filters one IP address, it does not impact the other IP addresses sending email. […]

Printing Email coupons finally gets easy

Posted on Mar 25 2010 by

So many themes so little time

Posted on Mar 22 2010 by

Insights on Mobile Consumers

Posted on Mar 10 2010 by

Nine in ten U.S. adults today use at least one mobile device. Mobile phones have truly become an essential part of consumers’ every day lives, and email marketers can easily capitalize on this immense market if they plan and segment their campaigns strategically. Recently released consumer reseach from Experian Simmons reveals the following key trends […]