How device recognition can make marketing campaigns better

Posted on Apr 16 2014 by

Device recognition will be yet another technology challenge for marketers but has the potential to overcome many key tracking, measurement and privacy issues with which data-driven marketers have struggled.

We all need to be worried about online traffic fraud

Posted on Apr 09 2014 by

Better marketing practices and technology will help to mitigate the impact of traffic fraud but only a collective effort from the digital media industry can truly stop this problem from destroying the value of the Internet.

Device recognition technology advances marketing suite

Posted on Jan 27 2014 by

AdTruth extends Experian Marketing Services’ digital and mobile ad targeting and measurement services to any Web-enabled device, further strengthening our linkage and cross-channel marketing capabilities.

3 keys to optimize your programmatic ad buys

Posted on Jan 21 2014 by

Many marketers believe that programmatic media-buying platforms will optimize their ad campaigns but, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Moms with young kids use social media 2x more

Posted on Oct 30 2013 by

Moms with kids between 0 and 5 years old are highly active on social media and make up a lucrative market for marketers to target.

Email Marketers: If you haven’t heard of LIGA, you will soon

Posted on Oct 23 2013 by

LIGA, which stands for “Locally Inactive, Globally Active” consumers, is a new approach to reengagement that can increase reengagement rates to up to 5%.

The link between data relevance and accuracy, and consumer trust: a Q&A with Rick Erwin

Posted on Oct 11 2013 by

We sat down with Rick Erwin, president of Targeting at Experian Marketing Services and a board member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), to explore two issues impacting the data-driven marketing industry today: data accuracy and consumer privacy.

40% of “inactive” email addresses may belong to loyal customers

Posted on Oct 10 2013 by

Customers who fail to click on email promotions may still be interacting with brands in other channels. Learn how to re-engage these customers.

Consumer trust isn’t just a philosophy, it’s our way of doing business

Posted on Aug 28 2013 by

Rick Erwin, a direct marketing industry veteran and DMA board member, challenges the data industry at large to adopt strict guidelines and business principles that further consumer trust and effective data stewardship.

Improve online display performance through audience targeting

Posted on Aug 16 2013 by

Targeting’s role in real-time bidding for display ads, and basic concepts for online users including needed data linkages that make online targeting feasible.