Data quality

Twas a month before holiday marketing begins…

Posted on Sep 25 2013 by

As retailers gear up for the holidays, they need to keep data quality in mind.

How much are you wasting on duplicate records?

Posted on Sep 18 2013 by

Retailers need to create a single customer view to better target consumers across traditional and digital channels.

Data helps marketers move beyond general stereotypes

Posted on Sep 10 2013 by

As marketers look to better understand consumers, they need to keep data quality in mind.

Incorporating data quality into your cross-channel strategy

Posted on Sep 04 2013 by

Cross-channel marketing requires marketers to gain more consumer insight to effectively leverage each channel. Enter analytics and business intelligence.

4 steps to help improve marketing data quality

Posted on Aug 26 2013 by

Marketers should look for ways to clean data to ensure accurate analytics and intelligence. Here are 4 steps marketers can take to clean data and create a data quality strategy.

Email list hygiene challenges marketers looking to engage with subscribers

Posted on Aug 19 2013 by

Marketers should ensure that they maintain an accurate email database in order to reach subscribers.

Marketers show lack of confidence in cross-channel data

Posted on Aug 14 2013 by

While marketers have a wealth of information available to them, many struggle to connect customer information across channels.

Companies devoting more room in budgets to data-driven marketing

Posted on Aug 07 2013 by

Data-driven marketing is becoming more popular as the big data revolution continues to take place.

Beware of the ‘monsters’ in your email list

Posted on Jul 31 2013 by

A strong, clean email list can be hard to maintain. There may even be bad addresses and other ‘monsters’ lurking and damaging the deliverability of your campaigns.

Search, Social, Email: Attributing sales to several channels

Posted on Jul 29 2013 by

Marketers need to continuously adapt our attribution strategy to reflect the growth of multiple channels in a customer’s path to purchase.