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Zach Freitas: Director Revenue Optimization Zach Freitas is a seasoned analytics leader with a Six Sigma Black Belt and more than 11 years of web analytics and online optimization experience. Zach’s primary responsibility is to help Certona develop the Revenue Optimization team, by creating methods, processes and thought leadership which help Certona Clients leverage the most out of their Certona’s investment. Prior to joining Certona, Zach was contracting as an Optimization and Behavioral Targeting Consultant thru Numeric Analytics, helping Fortune 500 clients, like Symantec, turn information into actions to maximize their online profitability. Prior to that, Zach was a Director of Decision Support for H&R Block, where he managed a team of several subject matter experts who were responsible for three distinct areas of analytics; Web Analytics, Market Research, and Competitive Research. Prior to that Zach worked at Intuit Inc., where he got his Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification. During his tenor, Zach held various positions in analytics that lead him to insert multivariate testing into the DNA of Intuit’s Turbo Tax and Turbo Tax affiliated websites. Zach holds a BA in Economics from San Diego State University and an MBA from California State University San Marcos.

Tried and true email strategies with a holiday twist...

Posted on Nov 11 2013 by
Pique the attention of your customers with engaging and relevant email content focused on holiday.Read more...


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