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Spencer Kollas is a recognized industry leader in email deliverability and subscriber engagement. For more than a decade, Kollas has worked with the world’s foremost email marketers to help them connect with their customers and increase the return on investment (ROI) of their email marketing initiatives. As Vice President of Global Deliverability Services, Kollas is responsible for the product development and innovation road map of Experian Marketing Services’ email deliverability services in more than 30 countries around the world.He works directly with Experian Marketing Services’ clients to help them understand best practices around email delivery and how consumers in different regions worldwide approach and use the email marketing channel. He also works with Internet service providers to understand the way their filtering systems work in order to create valuable, strategic and tactical insights on how client messages can stay in their customers’ inboxes.Find Spencer on Twitter.

What the Verizon/Yahoo merger means for digital marketing

Posted on Jul 26 2016 by
Possible repercussions Verizon purchasing Yahoo may have on the email marketing ecosystem that could bring new mobile channel opportunities.


Accurate email address means actionable insights

Posted on Jun 07 2016 by
Data accuracy, especially customer's email addresses, is the hub of email marketing strategies. Learn how to collect and maintain accurate...


The importance of engaging consumers on their terms this holiday

Posted on Nov 23 2015 by
Engaging consumers across channels builds loyal customers all year.


How contextual marketing affects your strategy

Posted on Oct 12 2015 by
Understand how contextual marketing creates mutual benefit for the brand and the customer within your strategy.


Overcome these 3 common data barriers for mobile marketing success

Posted on Aug 11 2015 by
Spencer Kollas explains in iMedia how to overcome 3 common data barriers for mobile marketing success.


9 email do’s and don’ts for data-driven marketers

Posted on Jul 02 2015 by
Our Spencer Kollas gives his top 9 email do’s and don’ts for today’s data-driven marketers in a recent article for iMedia Connection.


How customer-centric is your email deliverability strategy?

Posted on Apr 17 2015 by
As we continue to progress into 2015, it is becoming even more imperative to reassess your email deliverability strategy.


Engagement — does it really matter for deliverability?

Posted on Feb 23 2015 by
Fresh off the controversial panel discussion at the EEC conference, deliverability expert Spencer Kollas weighs in on how subscriber engagement affects deliverability.


What Google Inbox means for email marketers

Posted on Oct 27 2014 by
Deliverability expert Spencer Kollas shares his view on how Google Inbox affects email marketing.


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