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Are you attracting the right type of Facebook fans?

Posted on Sep 13 2011 by
Back in June I wrote a blog highlighting our research showing that each new Facebook fan generates on average 20 additional visits to a retailer’s website. However, as every retailer knows, not all website visits are equal. Most eCommerce ...


When is Cyber Monday in the UK?

Posted on Dec 01 2010 by
Cyber Monday is an American term that people have tried to import to the UK, but its British definition remains vague. In the US it refers to the Monday following Black Friday, which itself is the day after Thanksgiving and...


Alcohol Vendor traffic up 50% as Party season gets started

Posted on Nov 26 2010 by
As December approaches with alarming rapidity the start of the party season will be swinging into action quicker than you can say “Secret Santa”. With office Christmas parties and large family gatherings on the way online searches will...


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