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Four steps multi-channel marketers can use to run an addressable advertising campaign

Posted on Mar 07 2012 by

Now, with the advent of data-driven online display advertising, multi-channel marketers can convey the same tailored offline message through any digital channel, whether online, television, mobile, tablet or social. This discipline is often referred to as “addressable advertising.”

How to target your audience like a politician

Posted on Feb 01 2012 by

Here’s an example of how we helped a government official in a local re-election campaign: Using Experian Marketing Services data, the official ran segmented TV ads in his local election area. The TV ad was tailored so that multiple ads with different messages were delivered to each of his demographic segments. The result of the targeted messaging led to strong re-election numbers and an eventual campaign win for the official.

3 digital marketing tips for the New Year

Posted on Dec 07 2011 by

Take this opportunity to review this year’s marketing programs to determine how to improve your future digital advertising spend.

The perfect holiday gift for online advertisers: stress-free holiday marketing

Posted on Oct 27 2011 by

The 2010 holiday season broke an all-time record, with online shoppers spending $32.6 billion with more than $1 billion of purchases made just on Cyber Monday. With this kind of volume in such a finite timeframe, online marketers will need to diligently plan ahead of time to prepare for this influx of spending.

Time to fine-tune your holiday display ad campaigns

Posted on Oct 05 2011 by

A recent Coremetrics report predicts another record-breaking holiday season with 21 percent of online shoppers expected to spend more on the Web in 2011. But consumer spending trends and behaviors are constantly changing, Experian Digital Advertising has five tips you’ll need for the right strategy to optimize your media buying.