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How to solve deliverability issues in direct mail records

Posted on Jul 17 2012 by
The goal for marketers is to identify and drop records with deliverability issues performing below breakeven to ensure they only mail to the most effective set of records. Learn more about solving deliverability issues in direct mail.


How Direct Mailers get the most from NCOALink®

Posted on Feb 02 2012 by
Most marketers think of NCOALink – national change of address data – from the USPS® as a commodity. It has been available for primarily changing addresses in one form or another since 1987. NCOALink can have significant positive results on...


Make your holiday direct mail results brighter

Posted on Nov 04 2011 by
The holidays are the perfect time to be more aggressive in your customer prospecting and reactivation direct mail activities. Simple strategies can go a long way to making your holiday direct mail results brighter. Find out more in Mike Yapuncich's...


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