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Direct mail vs. Email

Posted on Mar 27 2012 by

According to Epsilon Targeting’s latest Consumer Channel Preference Study of 5,000 consumers in North America, 60% of consumers report an “emotional boost” from receiving direct mail, agreeing that they enjoying checking their mailbox. This report showed that across all categories, direct mail continues to be a trusted source of information. It’s always good to reach […]

Boost business with email validation and verification tools

Posted on Mar 20 2012 by

Companies now routinely use digital media to engage with customers, clients and partners, with emails in particular firmly established as a popular means of communication. But simply sending emails is not always enough – businesses have to be sure they are targeting their desired audience effectively. If companies send out mass emails, it is probable […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Posted on Nov 23 2011 by

The busy season is upon us! With more people shopping online for the holidays than ever before, it’s time for e-commerce retailers to start ramping up their data quality efforts to make sure their direct mail, and at this time of year more importantly, packages arrive on time. Online retailers are going to need to meet the shipping demands of their customers if they want to thrive this holiday season.