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Profile: Matt has more than 15 years of media research experience with major media companies. Matt is responsible for all media relations activities for Experian Marketing Services including working with the media and developing stories focused on marketing trends across several different industries. Prior to joining Experian Marketing Services, Matt was the director of media relations and marketing for Nielsen Media Research. At Nielsen, Matt was a spokesperson for several different Nielsen business units while focusing on television, technology and the advertising industries while also working with the media and entertainment press. Matt also worked at iCrossing, as their manager of corporate communications and was previously a sports photographer/reporter for the ABC affiliate, KOAT, in Albuquerque, NM.Find Matt on Google+

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Job sites see 18% growth online in July 2012

Posted on Aug 08 2012 by

Where is all the monthly online employment traffic coming from? California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and New York provided the largest volume of traffic to Job sites in July 2012. The states that recorded the biggest year-over-year growth to Jobs sites included Maine, New Mexico, West Virginia, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

15 Stats About Facebook

Posted on May 16 2012 by

With the upcoming Facebook IPO launch on Friday, we have updated a previous post based on US data showing the impact Facebook has online with its growth over the years. Here are 15 stats for the May 18th IPO: Facebook.com received 9% of all US Internet visits in April 2012. Facebook.com received more than 1.6 […]

Engaging the Modern Consumer

Posted on May 05 2012 by

Experian Hitwise recently launched AudienceView which provides a timely solution that delivers a complete view into to the behaviors of your most valuable customers and prospects in order to drive better marketing decisions. Engaging today’s consumers requires brands to connect in a meaningful way to build a lasting customer relationship. AudienceView integrates the world’s largest […]

Peak Week sees Email and Online channel growth

Posted on Dec 05 2011 by

With retailers extending deals even sooner during the Thanksgiving holiday week, Peak Week took on even greater importance as online stores saw tremendous success across online traffic and email transactional activity for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Don’t leave “Peak Week” money on the table

Posted on Nov 07 2011 by

For the first seven years of studying online holiday shopping behavior, Experian Hitwise has been accurate in predicting the peak day for online traffic to retail sites. Here’s a look at what we’ve seen historically and what we’re predicting this year.