As Global Vice President, Product Strategy, Experian Marketing Services Marcus’ focus is on Big, Fast Data and how its redefining the center of the marketing world. He partners with the world’s largest retailers to help them design and build modern marketing, cloud infrastructures needed to drive customer engagement in an omni-channel world. His efforts have been included in the filing of numerous patents.Marcus is responsible for Experian's Cross Channel Marketing Platform. A new offering that enables marketers to deploy integrated campaigns and programs built on the emergence of addressable, cross-channel, audiences (digital TV, display, online radio, Facebook, etc.) whose performance can be attributed and measured back at the individual or household level.Find Marcus on Google+

Marketing Innovation Report 2012: Mobile Apps Gaining

Posted on Jan 31 2012 by
It took TV a couple of decades to reach 50M viewers, Facebook a couple of years to reach 700M, but only nine months for the apps marketplace to reach 1B downloads. As the fastest-adopted channel, mobile has to be on...


Brady Jersey Or Belichick Hoodie – Which One Does Your

Posted on Jan 24 2012 by
It is important to understand that targeting and relevancy are not the same thing. With targeting, it’s easy enough to know that a certain group of people – say (speaking of relevancy), New England Patriots fans should be included in...


Campaign Management Means Different Things To Different Marketers in 2012

Posted on Jan 19 2012 by
A common way to view campaigns is a visual workflow that depicts the various stages, treatments or flights of messages in their relative order. More sophisticated tools enable for branching decisions whereby different audiences receive a different message based upon...


Are you a good brand or a great brand?

Posted on Nov 01 2011 by
Today’s consumers are empowered more than ever. With the proliferation of new channels, the intersection of offline and online media and the convergence of data, social and multi-media technologies, consumers have nearly limitless options to interact with brands. Those consumers,...


Adapting high-touch services to marketing

Posted on Oct 27 2011 by
A great brand will provide consumers with a customized experience across all channels. This requires a basis of integrated data that provides a complete view of the consumer and drives actionable marketing strategies and tactics.


How to capture a wide range of customer data in

Posted on Sep 13 2011 by
The key to building multi-channel, multi-dimensional views of the customer is being fluent enough with the data structures of those channels to understand what the unique attributes are and how they can be related to a common perspective across silos.


Three considerations to a cross-channel CRM strategy

Posted on Sep 02 2011 by
CRM’s star is clearly on the rise again but before embracing it, you need to have a deep understanding of your organizations ability to effectively execute against it. CRM has gotten significantly more complicated thanks to the explosion in the...


Becoming part of the conversation – getting started in social

Posted on Sep 02 2011 by
The best way to educate yourself to the state of marketing is to get out there and start engaging and experimenting with all the different tools – Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, LinkedIn, WordPress, YouTube etc.


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