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Experian CheetahMail authenticates with DKIM

Posted on Oct 18 2011 by

While many of us find McLovin’s attempt to skirt the local liquor store attendant with a fake ID in Superbad humorous, a ruse of your brand via email is absolutely no laughing matter. In a phishing attack, a Sender attempts to trick a recipient into divulging confidential information under the pretense of a trustworthy brand entity.

Best Practices for Cross-Promoting Sister Brands

Posted on Jul 29 2010 by

As marketers increasingly create niche brands or become consolidated within ‘parent’ companies, it may seem like the ideal opportunity to cross-promote products and services across ‘sister’ brands to reach prospective customers, expand subscriber lists and increase revenue. Unfortunately, sharing subscriber data across brands has the potential to negatively impact reputation, which can adversely influence inbox […]