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Profile: Katie Oakes is a marketing professional who specializes in thought leadership and digital content creation. In her time with Experian Marketing Services, she has produced whitepapers, blog posts, ebooks, videos and more that share consumer and industry research and trends, empowering marketers to become more customer-centric every day. Katie holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and psychology from the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis.Find Katie on Google+

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Steph McMahon of WWE talks innovation in media and marketing [Video]

Posted on Sep 30 2015 by

Watch Steph McMahon, Chief Brand Officer of WWE, as she shares the importance of listening to fans, giving back, and reaching fans where they are.

Yael Cohen of Fuck Cancer drives authentic conversation [Video]

Posted on Sep 28 2015 by

Yael Cohen, Founder and CEO of Fuck Cancer, shares her secrets to success at the 2015 Client Summit. Watch the full presentation and interview.

Women’s World Cup champions at #EMSSUMMIT [Video]

Posted on Sep 25 2015 by

Watch World Cup champions Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe and Jill Ellis of the USWNT as they discuss perseverance, teamwork and the future of soccer.

Erik Wahl inspires #EMSSUMMIT marketers [Video]

Posted on Sep 15 2015 by

Watch Erik Wahl’s exciting and memorable keynote from the 2015 Client Summit, which includes speed-painting, crayons, audience participation and more.

Female CMOs: Women that drive marketing leadership [Video]

Posted on Sep 11 2015 by

This video panel features 5 inspiring female CMOs from tech, retail, entertainment and more, speaking about career paths, mentors, work-life balance.

Integrating email with addressable advertising

Posted on Aug 31 2015 by

In this month’s Ask the Expert column, we look at the world of addressable advertising and how it can fit into an intelligent cross-channel strategy, starting with email.

Convince your manager to prioritize a single customer view

Posted on Jun 26 2015 by

To prioritize a single customer view, start by reviewing your current strategy. Use this worksheet to build a business case and share it with your team!

Email and social: Better together, but not one-size-fits-all

Posted on May 27 2015 by

In this month’s Ask the Expert column, we dive into the many opportunities to connect your email and social strategies, and why testing is imperative to develop a brand’s uniquely best mix.

Attribution a priority on the road to customer-centricity

Posted on May 07 2015 by

Marketers at all levels need to make attribution a priority. This month’s Ask the Expert column explores how to start on a sophisticated attribution journey.

Marketing attribution keeps you from ‘flying blind’

Posted on Mar 23 2015 by

Data-driven marketing attribution can keep marketers from ‘flying blind’ with their cross-channel decisions.