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Social media, segmentation and marketing success

Posted on Jun 19 2012 by

From broadcast emails to placing banner ads to capture eyeballs, the metrics have gravitated towards something new, including actions, conversion, click-throughs and even amount of purchase. Different companies, and even internal groups within companies, use different metrics to determine success. As businesses become more used to the digital arena, segmentation and profiling play an increasingly important role in targeted campaigns.

Happy New Year – Now let’s revisit 2011…

Posted on Jan 03 2012 by

We are asking marketers – specifically retailers – to take a look back at the Holiday selling season because there are a few steps to take in order to finish out strong and THEN start the new year off right.

Reduce process friction to improve holiday marketing campaigns

Posted on Dec 14 2011 by

Incorporating a few simple activities can improve the shopping experience while reducing friction. Investments have been made in all channels to reach a target audience; finishing strong in the last mile will provide substantial returns on your marketing campaign investments.

Models Have a Shelf Life

Posted on Jan 19 2011 by

Marketers sometimes forget that analytical models have a shelf life. Generally, marketing teams build and deploy models as needs arise. But as internal and external influencing factors change, the effectiveness of a model changes — and it may no longer drive the results that were initially intended. So if model effectiveness changes, what can be […]