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6+ years Product Management experience including designing and taking to market multiple software and database solutions encompassing product design, pricing, marketing strategy, sales strategy, partnership management and competitive positioning. 8+ years Strategic Sales and Marketing. 14+ years Database Marketing and CRM experience. 6+ years Multi-Channel Marketing experience.

The challenge of linking digital data: email, mobile, social and

Posted on Aug 10 2012 by
Marketers today face unprecedented challenges when it comes to creating and maintaining a holistic view of their customers across their marketing ecosystem. Here are six things marketers must do to make an integrated strategy work.


Lean in

Posted on Oct 03 2011 by
The marketing industry is experiencing this kind of change today. The shift to cross channel marketing is a huge curve for companies to go through. Those that have leaned into the curve are seeing huge success while those that have...


How to choose a partner…

Posted on Aug 26 2011 by
Choosing a partner to help you with your marketing efforts, be it techonology or service provider, is about maximizing your return while minimizing your risk.


Measuring Your Marketing Eco-System

Posted on Feb 03 2011 by
Removing one component of your marketing can have disastrous consequences for other parts of your business. It is time that we start thinking about the entirety of the brand and not silo any channel without the appropriate intelligence.


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