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Luxury buyers demand a cross-channel shopping experience

Posted on Oct 09 2013 by

EMS client PM Digital takes a look at how luxury buyers demand a cross-channel shopping experience based on results from their 2013 Trend Report: Luxury Brands Online.

Lifestyles of Team USA fans vary by sport

Posted on Aug 01 2012 by

The Olympic teams’ site visitors tend to be men. The swimming site attracted the largest share of male visitors at 60%. Basketball and track & field close behind with 58% of visitors being male. Using Experian’s Mosaic USA lifestyle segmentation solution, we are able to better understand what the fans of each sport are all about.

Track ahead of the competition – who will make it to finish line?

Posted on Jul 31 2012 by

Whether you’re an athlete or a marketer, preparation and knowing your competition gives you an edge in the game. This got us thinking about what sports are winning the online medals in attracting fans to their respective websites. So, we analyzed the visitors to the top US sports official team sites –USA Track and Field (usatf.org), USA Swimming (usaswimming.org), and USA Basketball (usabasketball.com). We found spikes in traffic and interest over the past few weeks as the Olympics momentum picked up speed.

Hispanic home buyers turning to search

Posted on Jun 20 2012 by

A recent article called “Hispanic Home Buyers Becoming a Force in Real Estate”, highlighted an increase in Hispanic/Latino first time home buyers, which made up 11 percent of all first-time home buyers in 2010, an increase of 38% percent over the previous year.

NHL dominant in Canada, popularity on the rise in the U.S.

Posted on May 30 2012 by

For the first time in 16 years, no Canadian-based NHL team has advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. As a result, NHL-related searches in Canada (the top search terms that drive traffic to the Sports – Hockey category) have declined 10% year-over-year.

Earlier start for Father’s Day searches

Posted on May 30 2012 by

It’s not too early to turn up your Father’s Day Marketing efforts. Mother’s Day still rules over Father’s Day when it comes to search volume. But, when consumers are looking for gifts for Dear Old Dad, they start earlier. Father’s Day searches start to increase as far out as 6 weeks before the holiday, indicating […]

Downton Abbey Season 2 Drives Surge in Searches

Posted on Feb 23 2012 by

Whilst this season of “Downton Abbey” brought on fevers throughout the Abbey in the form of the Spanish Flu, the US has been rocked by a severe case of “Downton” fever. Interest in the program has grown by over 1400% during season two versus last year’s season one airing (defined by volume of searches YoY). Not only are people searching for a higher volume of searches for variations of “Downton”, but they are also seeking out information about a broader variety of “Downton” topics. In fact, the breadth of variants for “Downton” is almost ten times larger than the same time last year.

Super Bowl Game Time, Recipes, and Celebrity Bets Searches Rise as Giants-Pats Showdown Approaches

Posted on Feb 03 2012 by

The Super Bowl 46 showdown between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots is less than a week away and consumers are going online to seek out game day details, catch up on Super Bowl-related current events, plan parties and find merchandise. An analysis of the top 25 search terms containing “Superbowl” or […]

Luxury Brand Report Studies New Online Trends

Posted on Dec 15 2011 by

Despite ongoing volatility in the stock market and global economies, consumers are once again paying for luxury items, even as some brands raise prices. Some 2011 forecasts indicate that global sales of luxury goods will grow 8% or more this year.

Job Search Websites Visits Eclipse Unemployment Websites

Posted on Dec 08 2011 by

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the US Unemployment rate just has dropped to 8.6%, the lowest rate since March 2009. Similarly, the market share of visits to state and informational websites about unemployment decreased 18% year over year while visits to job search websites are up 9% during the same time period.