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Most searched Olympians of 2012 London games

Posted on Aug 15 2012 by

The 2012 London Summer Olympic Games closed with a tremendous party Sunday evening, but we couldn’t resist just one more friendly competition: of the beloved athletes who led the U.S. to the most medals at these games, which are the most searched?

Finding Creditworthy Customers

Posted on Aug 07 2012 by

In today’s marketplace it is crucial for lenders to strategically target creditworthy consumer segments for lending opportunities. Using VantageScore segmentation and insights from AudienceView, we can look at the online behaviors of those with the highest credit worthiness and very low risk (VantageScore A) and how they compare against the online population.

Family Travelers Seek out Deals and Packages

Posted on Aug 06 2012 by

Catering to families is a smart strategy for many in the travel industry, and there’s growing evidence that even in these tough economic times the family vacation has become more important than ever—with families working hard to find more value for their travels, rather than sacrifice the idea of taking a vacation.

“Moonrise Kingdom” gaining traction across markets

Posted on Jun 11 2012 by

Wes Anderson’s latest film was initially released in just four theaters – two in LA and two in NYC. The popular auteur’s summer-grower quickly broke the record for largest-per-theater North American gross for a live action film. Though MIB 3, Marvel’s The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman may have dominated the summer box […]

Summer movie race: The Avengers takes lead

Posted on Jun 08 2012 by

This summer, Marvel’s The Avengers has taken an early lead in box office gross and concurrently in volume of searches. In its opening week (5/5) the picture yielded a volume of searches 182% higher than Snow White and the Huntsman achieved during its opening week (6/2). But the battle for superhero dominance is only just […]

Super PACs: Colbert Drives Interest in Political Process

Posted on Feb 16 2012 by

“The positive impact of “The Colbert Bump” has been bestowed upon the political process this election cycle. In launching “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” (May/June 2011), the 501(c)(4) organization “The Colbert Super PAC S.H.H.”(September 2011) and his exploratory committee to become “The President of the United States of South Carolina” (January 2012), Stephen Colbert has created an outstanding growth in online interest in PACs. Search traffic for variations of “Super PAC” directly correlates with major milestones in Mr. Colbert’s efforts.

“The Forgotten Man” Drives Online Art Frenzy

Posted on Feb 14 2012 by

Art doesn’t often create a stir online, but artist Jon McNaughton’s controversial piece “The Forgotten Man” has done just that. The Rachel Maddow Show used the painting, which depicts President Obama standing on the United States’ Constitution, for a caption contest on the program’s blog. This contest reignited interest in “The Forgotten Man” specifically and McNaughton’s work in general, and caused a spike in visits to McNaughton’s site.

Jason Wu Collection Drives Visitors to Target.com

Posted on Feb 13 2012 by

Following mysterious tweets from @TargetStyle in early October, Target announced a partnership with fashion designer Jason Wu who became well-known after designing the 2009 Inaugural Ball gown for First Lady Michelle Obama. The official look book for was released online on January 10th in anticipation of the in-store and online launch which took place on Sunday, February 5th. Weekly searches for variations of “Jason Wu” shows consumers seeking out information related to the designer corresponding with these key dates.

10 Key Statistics about Facebook

Posted on Feb 07 2012 by

As Facebook Inc. filed for its initial-public-offering last week, now is the perfect time to examine the website’s performance online and how its audience compares with that of other social networks. Given the expected $75 billion to $100 billion initial valuation, we’re all already aware of the magnitude of the business – below we reveal how much of a behemoth the website itself is in the US and other markets.

Mitt Romney Winning the Facebook Race

Posted on Jan 27 2012 by

Despite the results of the Iowa caucus and South Carolina primary, if you look at Facebook, Mitt Romney is ahead by a huge margin. Total visits to the Facebook pages of the presidential candidates highlights the growth to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page over the past few weeks, visits have jumped 248% last week as compared to the week ending Dec, 24, 2011.