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Sometimes, Rules Were Meant to Be Broken

Posted on Jul 28 2009 by

Less than 4 days after our Creative Director, Steve Sharp, explained how to design emails to be width-compliant on this very site, something very strange began happening to my email inbox. Every so often I would open my new messages, just minding my own business, when the strangest, most eerie feeling would come over me. […]

Designing Email to Be Width-Compliant

Posted on Jul 13 2009 by

Lately my team has been asked to provide insight on the appropriate width of an email. As I tell all of our clients, the answer depends on what the intended function of the email is, and whether or not it needs to be printed by the subscriber. Our recommended width for emails that only need […]

Email reaches coveted demographics

Posted on May 28 2009 by

The expression “coveted demographic” used to refer to a particular audience segment that most advertisers wish to target. But what about email?

New Email Append Best Practices

Posted on May 12 2009 by

In the April 22nd issue of Clickz, Stephen Pollard urged marketers to follow established best practices and to reevaluate their ongoing strategy for addresses acquired via email append programs. I agree with many of Pollard’s comments about eAppend. Inherently, eAppend carries more risk than organic email capture methods, such as at point of sale or […]

Single Opt-In Done Properly

Posted on Feb 20 2009 by

The question about whether double opt-in (confirmed consent) is an email best practice has been asked for the last 10 years. In Bill McCloskey’s recent ClickZ article he takes the strong position that double opt-in consent is no longer a best practice and should be discarded. In my view, McCloskey is correct – double opt-in […]