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Highlights from Experian Marketing Services’ Digital Summit (day 1)

Posted on Jul 27 2012 by

This premier digital marketing event, with the theme, “Customer Obsession: Empowering Meaningful Relationships,” features highly engaging and inspiring learning sessions, providing marketers with key insights and best practices for keeping their customers at the heart and center of everything they do.

Enhancing Email Marketing with Display Advertising

Posted on Feb 10 2012 by

Nowadays most consumers have more than one email address – one for personal email and another for promotions, coupons, and newsletters. If your emails land in the latter address, which receives at most a cursory glance from the consumer, how are you going to reach your campaign goal? Display Advertising! Solutions such as Experian’s Audience […]

Acquire mobile subscribers with SMS love

Posted on Feb 09 2012 by

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us – and what better time to communicate with those customers you so adore. Actively promoting SMS initiatives through traditional media touch points, and incentivizing users to join can drastically increase the potential for subscriber acquisition.

Three ways to optimize email for mobile consumers

Posted on Jan 25 2012 by

Fifty-two percent of consumers access email via their smartphones. Given that this number is growing rapidly, and that most consumers are no longer willing to tolerate emails that don’t display properly on mobile devices, designing your emails to be “smarter” for mobile can go a long way.

2011 Holiday Season Email Snapshot

Posted on Jan 05 2012 by

Analysts at Experian CheetahMail took a snapshot of the season to put the very busy (yet very rewarding) term into perspective, comparing it to the 2010 holidays.

More emails are sent in the morning, yet more consumers respond in the afternoon

Posted on Dec 20 2011 by

Similar to the 2010 holiday season, 78% of holiday email campaigns are being sent between midnight and noon (compared to 77% in 2010).  Is this the best time to send?

Video in Email – Why, When and How?

Posted on Dec 13 2011 by

It’s not too late to include video in your email campaigns this holiday season. Video in email gives marketers a chance to express their creativity while providing relevant and highly engaging content, but do you know how to optimize, or even execute on, this powerful tactic?

Sending email coupons this holiday season? Consumers look later in the week

Posted on Dec 07 2011 by

The likelihood of consumers viewing, printing and redeeming a digital coupon at a brick-and-mortar store rises 19.6% if the coupons become accessible at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, according to a recent study by RevTrax, a partner of Experian CheetahMail that offers couponing features in CheetahMail client email programs.

Last minute tips for spreading the cheer with email this year

Posted on Nov 30 2011 by

As the push for last minute sales drove volumes higher, email volume surged 34 percent from Dec 21 to Dec 31 last year. Looking at trends for 2011 thus far, Experian CheetahMail is predicting this increase to be even higher. As featured in a new white paper: The Happy Holiday Inbox: Last minute tips for […]

Email marketers started the Cyber Monday celebration early

Posted on Nov 28 2011 by

Cyber Monday is here!  Are you tired of hearing about it yet?  Well here is a new fun fact that indicates just how big of a deal this last Monday of the month truly is.