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Creating a single customer view

Posted on Dec 21 2012 by

A single customer view has many benefits – including an improved customer experience – but can be a challenge for marketers.

The big topic of big data

Posted on Dec 20 2012 by

While there are many components and challenges to big data, data quality needs to be a part of any strategy.

Putting the customer first

Posted on Dec 19 2012 by

Customer-centric strategies rely on accurate customer data and strong analytical abilities. Companies need it to generate actionable intelligence.

Providing customers an omni-channel experience

Posted on Dec 18 2012 by

Our next data trend for 2013 is omni-channel. Instead of just operating in multiple channels, businesses need to provide a seamless customer experience, regardless of the channel.

Data Quality SaaS Deployments

Posted on Dec 17 2012 by

Data quality is a priority as businesses enter 2013strategic planning. This is the first of a 5 series post about the trends to watch over the next year.

When it comes to the digital future, go back to the basics

Posted on Jul 09 2012 by

To be successful in the current digital landscape, marketers must go back to the basics and translate successful aspects of their current website in the mobile world.

What is a good email marketing strategy?

Posted on Aug 25 2011 by

Experian QAS has four tips to help buisness to business email marketing strategy. To make your emails stand out: send them to a targeted list, have a catchy subject line, produce engaging content and allow readers to share the email.

USPS® offers postage-back guarantee

Posted on Jun 02 2011 by

USPS® Encourages Large Advertisers to Send Direct Mail with Postage-Back Guarantee