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Married couples with children still retain their buying clout

Posted on Mar 25 2013 by
Despite dramatic shifts in living arrangements of US consumers, married couples raising families remain a force for marketers to target and understand.


Using data insights to differentiate and attract travelers

Posted on Feb 11 2013 by
Segmentation solutions provide travel marketers with highly enriched views of their prospective audiences.


More than a sibling rivalry: How Baltimore compares to San

Posted on Jan 31 2013 by
It’s Super Bowl week once again, with this year’s clash featuring the Harbaugh brothers (John and Jim) leading their respective teams (the Ravens and 49ers) for a shot at football supremacy. The idea of brothers pitting their teams against each...


Political conventions place spotlight on Tampa and Charlotte

Posted on Aug 30 2012 by
A look at consumer characteristics that make the Tampa and Charlotte markets as different from each other as the delegates attending the conventions.


Sky-high Olympics television ratings provide lift to airline advertisers

Posted on Aug 09 2012 by
An average of 32.2 million viewers have tuned in for NBC’s nightly primetime telecasts of the London Olympics. How good of a match are those viewers to the type of consumers most likely to be interested in the brands advertising?


Let the marketing games begin

Posted on Jul 24 2012 by
The Olympics craze has begun and advertisers are in the starting blocks and at the ready to launch their own Olympic-size marketing campaigns. The composite television and online audience for the Olympics will span a wide range of demographic characteristics…


More ABCs of back-to-school marketing campaigns

Posted on Jun 08 2012 by

Do your homework before planning a back-to-school marketing strategy

Posted on May 29 2012 by
Even though most kids haven’t even completed their current school year, now is the time for retailers to start preparing their 2012-2013 back-to-school marketing strategies.


Multigenerational households throw marketers a curve

Posted on Mar 28 2012 by
Marketing to Sports Utility Families and other types of multigenerational households can be complicated. In many cases, there is no single primary decision maker in the home. Purchase decisions are likely to be shared and influenced by multiple family members.


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