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Why a single customer view is the foundation for marketing success

Posted on Jul 22 2015 by

Like a house, a brand needs a solid foundation upon which it can acquire new customers, build relationships and sustain the intelligent interactions that turn customers into loyal brand advocates. For a brand, that foundation is a single view of the customer — the ability to identify a customer regardless of channel or device. Businesses […]

Introducing the #SuiteLife Awards recognizing exceptional customer experiences

Posted on Jun 29 2015 by

The inaugural #SuiteLife Awards are intended to recognize those who create exceptional customer experiences while delivering outstanding business results.

Why senior marketing leaders need to make a single customer view their top priority, right now

Posted on May 29 2015 by

The single customer view priority: a customer-centric strategy is predicated on having accurate, enriched data linked together in a central location that can be executed on to meet your goals.

Changing the status quo in 2014

Posted on Mar 24 2014 by

2014 is the year that marketers will lead massive change within their organizations. They’ll convince leadership that building and maintaining 1:1 connections with top customers is not only table stakes but imperative to success.