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Innovate to multi-channel marketing and beyond

Posted on Sep 10 2012 by

As marketers, it is our duty to help our companies evolve and adapt communications to enable improved customer engagement, purchasing behavior and loyalty.

Marketing travel alert: how building a roadmap can guide you on the path to success

Posted on Jun 26 2012 by

Marketers ask themselves what type of data to invest in, how to leverage social media channels, when to invest in new database technologies and infrastructures, how to use response attribution and analytics to be more customer centric, etc. CMOs are also challenging their teams to get it all done immediately. With all of that on your plate, how can any marketer be successful?

Flopping on a mobile marketing campaign

Posted on May 23 2012 by

Solutions exist today that enable marketers to identify a customer with a single piece of personally identifiable information (PII). Matching on a mobile phone number alone is difficult, but if you have captured the customer’s name and address, email or simply a zip code during the opt-in process, you can build links across channels to understand how they shop with you and who they are. This cross-channel identity resolution helps marketers avoid blundering when they recognize a customer in one channel, but treat them as they don’t know them in other channels.