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Alex Krylov is a privacy and digital compliance specialist helping data-driven organizations navigate complex interactive marketing policy and international email compliance issues. From developing and managing Experian Marketing Services' compliance framework to speaking at industry events, Alex is passionate about knowledge building and collaboration. When not in the trenches of martech compliance work, Alex provides privacy thought leadership to Experian’s diverse adtech and consumer insight-based solutions. Since joining Experian in 2011, Alex has supported due-diligence on strategic acquisitions like Conversant, Alchemy Social, and AdTruth; partnerships with BlueKai, Lotame, RocketFuel, IgnitionOne and Facebook; and completed hundreds of consulting engagements with diverse brands like Hallmark, AmEx, and Neiman Marcus, GameStop, DirecTV, and AT&T. Follow Alex on Twitter (@akrylov) as he explores the boundaries between channels, borders, and cultures.

Optimizing cross-channel marketing for compliance part III: Evolving the privacy

Posted on Feb 07 2014 by
Your privacy policy is a one-stop shop for consumers. Until the industry develops a better privacy education infrastructure, your privacy policy is still the go-to place for all privacy information.


Canadian Anti-Spam Law update

Posted on Jan 08 2014 by
Industry Canada releases its final regulations under Canada’s Anti-Spam Law, simultaneously announcing that CASL will come into force on July 1, 2014. Final regulations and guidance confirm all but one of the expected business-friendly exemptions, provide much needed clarity on...


Optimizing cross-channel marketing for privacy and compliance, Part II: Data

Posted on Dec 18 2013 by
Alex Krylov covers how to best integrate data in the ‘age of context’ so as to addresses important questions about digital privacy.


Optimizing cross-channel marketing for compliance: Overt acts of permission

Posted on Sep 19 2013 by
Part one of this two-part series summarizes the best ways to get proper consent through various data acquisition efforts in order to maintain compliance.


Confirmed Opt-In a best practice for email marketers

Posted on Jul 03 2013 by
Many marketers are concerned about deliverability in their mailing lists. COI offers a practical way to keep lists healthy and increase customer engagement.


SMS compliance: What you don’t know CAN hurt you

Posted on Jan 02 2013 by
In honor of SMS’s 20th anniversary and the MMA CBP’s 7th edition we would like to provide you with some key information about mobile marketing compliance.


Point of sale email acquisition best practices

Posted on Sep 04 2012 by
Email marketers who take the proper steps to overcome point of sale email acquisition hurdles and to identify and tackle inactivity early on will reap the rewards of better deliverability, stronger reputation, subscriber loyalty and increased engagement.


A Costly Swipe: Examining ‘Point of Sale’ Acquisitions from a

Posted on Apr 03 2012 by
By Alex Krylov and Strategic Services Last month while attending MAAWG: San Francisco I visited the city’s historic Grant Avenue shopping artery.  While making a purchase from one of the Avenue’s clothing retailers using my credit card, I was offered...


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