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Adam serves as the Director of Analytics for Experian Marketing Services' Cross-Channel Marketing organization. In this role, he leans on his quantitative background to help clients understand the value of customer intelligence. Whether it is through predictive modeling, multi-dimensional segmentations, or other marketing analytics projects, Adam leverages the power of customer data to aid clients in optimizing their marketing campaigns for maximum customer engagement. His analyses also provide insight into the preferences, behaviors, and mindsets of customer segments so individuals can be targeted in a more relevant and timely manner. Adam holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mathematics, a Master's degree in Biostatistics, and a Ph.D. in Statistics, all from the University of California at Los Angeles. Find Adam on Google+

Marketing with predictive analytics – Understanding model over fitting

Posted on May 29 2013 by

The importance of random sampling in statistical experiments

Posted on Apr 02 2013 by
Statistical results can lead to misguided conclusions if a sampling group is not representative of the greater population under consideration.


Statistical significance in a testing world

Posted on Dec 27 2012 by
Here we examine why understanding the mechanics that lie beneath the phrase ‘statistically significant’ is essential when conducting tests or defending a hypothesis.


Statistical hypothesis testing

Posted on Nov 19 2012 by
Understanding hypothesis testing mechanics and how it translates to A/B or multivariate testing will help with the study design and reading results.


A common testing mistake: A/B testing for multiple factors

Posted on Oct 16 2012 by
Here, we’ll demonstrate one of the more common misuses of A/B testing and introduce a better option when testing with multiple factors.


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