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Our “2010 Digital Marketer” Shows Who’s Boss (Hint: It’s You)

Posted on Feb 23 2010 by

Today, Experian Marketing Services is proud to release our latest report, the 2010 Digital marketer: Benchmark and trend report. Looking at the data contained within the report, there is certainly a lot of information for email marketers to chew on. For our loyal readers, I thought I’d add some of my thoughts on the report […]

A Primer On Email Subject Line Testing

Posted on Jan 29 2010 by

Subject line testing is not a new concept to email marketing or to this blog. However, it is an important key to email marketing success. Subject line testing is easy to do and offers concrete results, but is often neglected. Below is a typical inbox. Which subject lines best grab your attention? Which approach would […]

Gas Pump Prices and Cost Sensitivity

Posted on Jul 25 2009 by

According to a survey fielded by AAA, 37.1 million Americans will be traveling over the July 4th holiday weekend. According to AAA if this prediction proves true, it will represent a 1.9% decrease from the same week in 2008. As we’ve done in the past, I’ll update our charts on actual gas prices and corresponding […]

Gas Prices Redux

Posted on May 11 2006 by

As gas prices inched closer to the $3.00 barrier broken last September, I thought it would be a good idea to refresh some old charts and create a new chart that would shed light on how gas prices affect consumer confidence and interest in more efficient modes of transportation. In this first chart, I’ve juxtaposed […]