Experian joins The Internet of Things Consortium

internet of things consortium Experian is pleased to announce our involvement in The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) as a member organization. Experian joins more than 60 leading companies as influencers in facilitating strategic partnerships and developing business prospects that drive the Internet of Things (IoT) industry forward.

B2B IoT spending reached almost $1 trillion in 2017, and the B2C market is also experiencing stratospheric growth. The number of connected devices and the corresponding data they generate is quickly adding to the endless amount of data signals. As part of the IoTC, Experian will help drive the conversation around data including data rights, acceptable usage, data ownership and privacy.

We believe data when used properly can help people, businesses, government organizations and society at large. The data derived from connected devices can help businesses make smarter decisions, prevent fraud and better connect with customers.  According to Experian’s 2018 global data management benchmark report, nearly all of the C-level executives (95%) believe that data is an integral part of forming their business strategy and more than half of the businesses say that data and analytics will provide a key source of opportunity in the coming year. The real value, however, does not come from simply amassing huge amounts of data, but from extracting actionable insights through deep analysis of that data.  At Experian, we use data and insights to help brands have more meaningful interactions with people. As experts in helping clients unlock the power of data, we look forward to working with the IoTC to help them navigate a powerful and complicated component of the Internet of Things industry.

The IoTC is a business development organization aimed at connecting IoT thought leaders and companies to form meaningful partnerships that drive industry growth and development. The IoTC’s unique focus on business development brings together companies from five IoT verticals — connected homes, autos, cities, retail, and wearables.

We are pleased to be members of an organization that is working to bring IoT from early adoption to mass market. They are tackling industry roadblocks for IoT products and services while allowing members to share their knowledge in the form of broadcast IoT research, case studies and best practices to educate the broader business community and consumers.