Client Holiday Readiness Series: Tech support for the holidays

The “Client Holiday Readiness Series” is a window into how Experian Marketing Services is helping clients succeed during the busy holiday season along with some helpful tips as clients prepare their campaigns.  This series provides information on the products, support, and services we offer and how we are helping clients succeed during the crucial holiday period. 

Holiday represents the busiest time of year for our clients and their valued customers.  In order to ensure a smooth season, Experian Marketing Services has implemented a support process guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction.  With an emphasis on proactive problem solving, we implement standard, normalized and repeatable processes that provide clients with a consistent service experience no matter what the holiday season brings.

The heart of our Tech Support structure comes from our manifesto that drives everything we do.

  • Customers matter.  They are why we are here.  We seek to understand customer needs and provide viable solutions to their problems.  Every interaction is an opportunity to improve their overall experience and make it easier for them to connect with valuable customers.
  • Promptness is a virtue.  Customers define a good experience as one that quickly resolved their issues and concerns.  The more swiftly the problem is resolved, the better the experience.
  • Extend service beyond business hours.  We’re available 24/7/365.
  • Simple is better than clever.   It doesn’t matter how complex your solution is, customers love clear and concise answers.  Be an expert in the product.  Professionalism is crucial.
  • Find the pattern.  Patterns can indicate larger complications; use these patterns to establish useful feedback loops.
  • Solve problems before they happen. Proactively identifying potential issues and immediate resolution are critical to the continued success of our clients.

We infuse these ideals into each level of our support system; across platform, tech, and engineering.   Each team is structured to meet the various needs of our clients and their customers.

  • Tier 1: Platform Support – This is the first line of defense, offering general service support for incoming questions and issues.  Basic troubleshooting for imports, exports and campaigns are the main focus for this team.  Platform support also monitors and analyzes trends in requests, in order to escalate any repeat challenges.
  • Tier 2: Tech Support – Our tech support team is focused around troubleshooting and resolving complex application issues, including performance issues and identifying root cause.  Additional responsibilities include comprehensive team training, all documentation and knowledge based content, as well as providing proactive support for key application features.
  • Tier 3: Engineering Support – Driving the resolution of the most complicated issues is our highest support tier.  They are able to work within complex architectural solutions and provide a holistic review of all client environments. With this deep insight, Engineering works consistently to improve the product to substantially reduce incoming client issues.

 All support teams are dedicated to understanding each client’s specific needs and providing a clear path to resolving all issues in a timely manner.  When it comes to increased activity during the holidays, we are especially vigilant in providing our clients the best customer service and support in the business.

For more information on our support teams and overall Holiday Readiness, please Contact Us.