What the Verizon/Yahoo merger means for digital marketing

Yesterday it was announced that Verizon will be purchasing Yahoo for $4.83 billion. This is a significant decrease in value from the 2008 Microsoft offer to purchase Yahoo for $45 billion and it could potentially have a wide-spread impact on the email marketing eco-system. While we won’t know the exact repercussions of this purchase for some time, here are some thoughts on how it could change the way we view digital marketing:

  1. Now that Verizon will own both AOL and Yahoo, how they integrate their email filtering processes could have a significant impact on a marketer’s ability to reach their customers. Most B2C marketers’ customer lists currently have Yahoo, AOL and Verizon in their top 5 or 10 domains. If Verizon’s executives do eventually decide to integrate all of the various email boxes into one system with singular filtering, that domain will likely become the largest domain within a marketer’s list. Maximizing deliverability to this new integrated inbox will be essential for email marketers around the globe.
  2. More integration for additional digital marketing opportunities via the mobile channel. Verizon is already the largest mobile provider, and       purchasing both AOL and Yahoo provides additional content and advertising opportunities. How these pieces are integrated into mobile devices will be an important piece to watch for all marketers.

“Just over a year ago we acquired AOL to enhance our strategy of providing a cross-screen connection for consumers, creators and advertisers. The acquisition of Yahoo will put Verizon in a highly competitive position as a top global mobile media company,” said Verizon chief executive Lowell McAdam in a statement.

This will be something that we will continue to monitor. From a digital marketing perspective, this deal signifies both Verizon the industry’s fast approach to a cross-channel world. Check out our Email+ Playbook to see how to take your own cross-channel marketing to the next level.