Email as a springboard for data-driven marketing

Turn traditional email programs into data-driven marketing

A recent survey from The Relevancy Group shows that marketing executives view email as the most trusted marketing channel for revenue generation. I work with clients every day that are driving real business results from their email programs. But it’s not as easy as hitting send. The email programs that drive results are the ones that take into consideration the customer’s entire journey, preferences and motivations. That’s why, rather than viewing email as a standalone channel, we need to think of email as a springboard for data-driven marketing and cross-channel opportunity.

Email marketers have access to a wealth of data about their customers’ behaviors – now imagine how powerful that data can be when it’s coupled with data from other marketing channels (like mobile, social, even display advertising) and contexts (like time of day, loyalty status and preference data).

Beyond email basics: Email+

“Email+” is a call to move beyond the basics of email marketing and begin incorporating other data sources and interaction points. When you do, it becomes possible to have truly cohesive conversations with your customers.

In our recent Designing your cross-channel playbook series, we offer specific tips for integrating other channels into your email programs, ranging from the simple (such as adding social share buttons to your email template) to the advanced (such as setting up geo-fencing or beacons to target email subscribers based on mobile location data.) “In every case,” the eBook reads, “be sure to test and measure the effectiveness of these tactics – every brand is different, so testing new strategies is crucial for proving their business value.”

If you want more information about how to push your email programs to the next level, I encourage you to register for this month’s webinar, Email+: Moving beyond the basics for data-driven marketing. My colleague Liz McLemore and I will be sharing some of our favorite suggestions to give clients that are ready to “level up” and explore new ways to go beyond batch-and-blast. Hope to see you there!

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