Yael Cohen of Fuck Cancer drives authentic conversation [Video]

Fuck Cancer is not your typical cancer charity. As you may tell from their name, they do things a little differently.

Yael Cohen, Founder and CEO of the charitable organization, shared her secrets to success at the Experian Marketing Services 2015 Client Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can watch the full presentation and interview below:

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Reaching “Gen C” takes humor and authenticity

When her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, 22-year-old Yael realized that there was a gap in the cancer charity market. She wanted to reach out to youth by harnessing their love of technology to encourage open dialogue and education. What she found, though, is that it’s not just youth who crave digital information; there’s a “Gen C” – Generation Communication – of all ages who live on digital and crave authenticity.

As Yael explains, the success of her organization hinges on driving that authentic conversation to support patients, caretakers and the general public through early detection, prevention, grief and treatment. She also shares the importance of saying staying authentic to your brand, maintaining that “spreading yourself too think will dilute your message and mission.”

Yael Cohen of Fuck Cancer: "We can't be right for everyone"

Watch the full video to hear how Fuck Cancer uses humor and grit to address uncomfortable topics, and how Yael gains large audiences without diluting the brand.

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