Erik Wahl inspires #EMSSUMMIT marketers [Video]

Each year, Experian Marketing Services hosts a summit event for our clients that aims to educate, delight and inspire them. This year was no different, with a host of breakout sessions, networking events and inspiring keynote presentations that not only covered the latest trends and technology in the marketing world, but also the importance of creativity, passion and perseverance in the workplace.

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This message was made most clear by Erik Wahl, the opening keynote speaker who wowed the audience with his artistry and creative mind. He opened the presentation by asking, “Who here can draw?” Only a few audience members raised their hand. “If I were to go down to your preschools, and ask the same question, what is the response I’d get?” he continued. “One hundred percent. Kids are dying to share with me their artistic mind. At what age, do you think, does our creative energy start to dry out?”

The rest of the presentation aims to help each marketer rekindle that creative passion. Through audience participation, incredible live painting and amazing stories of artistry and passion, Wahl’s keynote stands out as a highlight of the conference.

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Erik Wahl


Referred to as the Warhol of Wall Street, the Renoir of ROI, and the Picasso of productivity, Erik Wahl will push you beyond your traditional thought patterns and habitual levels of performance. Pulling from his history as both a businessman and an artist, Erik uses live art to paint a visual metaphor, encouraging organizations to evolve their way of thinking. Erik is also the bestselling author of “UNTHINK,” hailed by Forbes Magazine as THE blueprint to actionable creativity and by Fast Company Magazine as Provocative with a Purpose.